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7 steps to relaxation

Its 2018 and the world we live in is always on the go. Stress and anxiety is at an all-time high and we feel the pressure of keeping the high demand of work and our family lives balanced. It’s so easy to push off time to dedicate to yourself saying it can wait till tomorrow. But when the next day arrives we get slammed with another list of things to do and we never make the time to really sit back and focus on you.

We’ve come to terms that stress is just a part of life and that we cant do anything to change it. But that is so far from the truth researchers have discovered that stress can change the brain and lead to anxiety and depression. These are simple tips to fight back against the stress monster that has caused so much chaos of your life. We recommend trying one tip at least once a week to discover the impact it can have on your life.


  1. Meditation:

Meditation can be one of the biggest pay offs when it comes to removing stress from your life, and it only takes 15 mins out of your day. If you’re a beginner at meditation you can 1000 of guided meditations on YouTube to help you along but the main goal here is just to remove yourself from your thoughts for just a short time to help you see the bigger picture. To see the best results try doing it once a day maybe right after you wake up or right before you go to bed.


  1. Read a good book:

Whether you enjoy slaying dragons in a good sifi book or falling in love in romance novel. Escaping your world for just a little while and entering in a new one is a great way of separating you from the stress that is around you.

  1. Netflix:

If reading isn’t your forte, then curling up on the couch and watching a few hours of your favorite tv show or movie will just do the trick.

  1. Cook a high-end meal for yourself:

Cooking can be fun and it’s a much healthier option than all the fast food and take out restaurants around us. So pick out a meal you’ve always wanted to try and make it. You will impress yourself with what you can do and much better it tastes when you make it.

  1. Breathe in some salty air

Whether you take a trip to the beach or your local salt cave being surrounded by the negative ions will definitely help stress disappear.


  1. Essential oils:

You can change the energy in the room just by putting your favorite essential oil in a diffuser. This not only smells great but helps you to relax.


  1. Take a hot bath and drink a glass of wine:

Grab a bath bomb, soft music and your favorite glass of wine. Soaking in a hot bath helps with reliving muscle tension and washing all the worries away.

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