Why should I use Himalayan salt versus regular table salt?

Salt is an essential part of our lives, In fact we  can't live without it. But, With more and more types of salts being added to our groceries stores how do we know what type  salt we should be ingesting and what is harmful to our bodies.   Table salt differs from naturally occurring salt [...]

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Shop Black Friday & Small Business Saturday at Salinity

[dt_sc_one_half first]With Christmas right around the corner,come to Salinity to get the best deals in town! Save on some of your favorite gift items while earning free salt sessions for yourself or to give as gifts. We will be open 10am until 7pm on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ][/dt_sc_one_half]

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Macaroni Kid Reviews Salinity

Relax, Destress, Heal and Recharge at Salinity That is what Anna Hall, Macaroni Kid Hickory Publisher says about Salinity.  We had the pleasure of meeting Anna recently. It is always a joy to meet someone new and see the pleasure that they receive from a salt therapy session. You can read the entire article here [...]

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

So we know how beneficial Himalayan salt lamps are to use but the benefits of this super rock doesn't stop there! Himalayan cooking slabs have been making its way to the number one cooking tool in the kitchen. Cooking on the slab not only gives your food amazing taste but also helps with balancing your body’s [...]

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Tibetan Singing Bowls

  Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation, the ultimate goal being enlightenment. They are an ideal aid for meditation.Playing the bells usually causes an immediate centering effect. The tones set up a "frequency following response" that creates a balancing left/right brain synchronization. Meditating [...]

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Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa Leaf powder has been referred to as the "New Super Food" due to its high nutritional profile.It originates from a small tree located in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Moringa is high enriched with significant amounts of vitamin A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein. The antioxidants fight off free radicals that cause us [...]

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Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps....Do they really work?   In today's culture people have been going crazy over these lamps made of salt. But what exactly is the craze about? Himalayan salt contains 84 elements and trace elements found in the human body. The negative charged Ions in salt improve our health and mood. Benefits from using these [...]

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