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Fight back against sick days!

School will be in session soon, and parents know how important it is for their children to attend as many days as possible. But with out fail cold and flu season will hit and germs will be passed around like it was the newest trend. Keeping our little ones healthy and in fighting shape to tackle all there day to day tasks may seem difficult at times but with a few small steps, they will be ready to take on anything that comes their way.



  1. Drink up, kids.

Hydration is a key importance to keeping your kids healthy, Especially in our colder months. If they are not a big fan of water itself slicing up color full fruit makes for a fun and tasty drink that keeps their fluids up.

  1. Change their toothbrush.

With all the germs flying around, you want to do whatever you can to keep them away from your child’s mouth. Toothbrushes are susceptible to picking up the airborne bacteria from the bathroom, so remember to change them regularly. And maybe keep them in the cupboard…

  1. Wash, wash, wash.

You don’t want to turn your child into a germaphobe, but it might be worth having a little reminder about germs on their hands. Kids tend to touch their faces and mouths more often than adults, so keeping their hands clean is important, especially if there are other children in their class coughing and sneezing on every surface.

  1. Salt therapy.

A great, natural way to boost your child’s immune system is to book them in for a few salt therapy sessions this winter. They will be in a relaxing, fun room with pharmaceutical grade salt pumped through the air. The salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help clear the sinuses, increase oxygen flow and stimulate lung function. All your kid has to do is enjoy the room curling up in one of the chairs. It also can be great for eczema, psoriasis, asthma, and several other health issues kids are prone to.

Best of luck to you, parents. We hope your little ones will be bouncing off the walls in no time… in an orderly fashion, of course.