Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

//Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

So we know how beneficial Himalayan salt lamps are to use but the benefits of this super rock doesn’t stop there!

Himalayan cooking slabs have been making its way to the number one cooking tool in the kitchen. Cooking on the slab not only gives your food amazing taste but also helps with balancing your body’s pH, stabilizing hydration levels, improving digestion and reducing acid reflux.

So I know what your thinking will it make my food have an over abundance salty taste? The answer is no, due to the low porosity and minimal moisture retention Himalayan salt crystals have, it leaves your food with just a hint of its salt taste.


Heating your salt block:

The key to heating your salt block is to do it slow to prevent it from over heating and cracking.

  1. 20 Minutes on low
  2. 20 Minutes on Medium
  3. 20 Minutes on High

Cleaning your salt block

  1. Moisten a sponge or scouring pad
  2. No soap!
  3. Clean whole Slab
  4. Wipe clean with dry towel
  5. Repeat until the block is nice and shiny


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