Maintaining your new Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Maintaining your new Himalayan Salt Lamp

You get your new Himalayan salt lamp home but now what?

The Set up:

  1. Remove any plastic around your newly bought lamp
  2. Screw your light bulb into the power cord
  3. Squeeze the prongs pushing the cord in as far as it allows
  4. Plug it in and you are ready to go!


You never need to clean your salt lamp due to its natural ability of self-cleaning. If your lamp becomes dusty take a damp cloth and run it over to remove any unwanted particles. For maximum results, it is best to run your salt lamps all day so they are absorbing as much moisture from the air as possible

Place your salt lamp anywhere you want fresh air. It is best to avoid high humid areas or any area that draws a lot of water, this can lead to your lamp to leak. If your salt lamp starts to leak remove the power cord and place it in strong sunlight for a few hours to dry up any excess moisture and take an old cloth to remove loose crystals.

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