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P.E. Calvert

Spiritual Mentor

My mission is to share ancient knowledge and promote happiness in the world. I provide spiritual mentoring and workshops in guided meditation, sacred writing, dream interpretation, and Shamanism. These studies are designed to be a gateway to states of consciousness. Simple techniques are designed to promote wellness and prosperity by connecting with spirit helpers and nature’s wisdom.

  • Available on select Saturdays
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Web : pecalvert.com/

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704-453-9464 or pecalvert50@gmail.com

Heather Gaffney-Darnell

Master Tarot Reader

Heather Gaffney-Darnell is an intuitive reader, teacher and energy healer in foothills of North Carolina. Her love of the tarot began over 30 years ago when she commandeered her father’s deck of cards. In addition to the tarot she uses The Froud Faerie Oracle, and Goddess Oracle along with empathy and intuition to assist individuals in finding answers to create healing and transformation.

  • 1:00 pmto 6:00 pm on Wednesday’s
  • 15 minutes for $25.00
  • 30 minutes for $40.00
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704-449-9482 or pboenix.nest.healing@gmail.com

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Leslie Long

Psychic Medium

Leslie is a Certified Medium. She began experiencing her gifts at a very young age, but did not understand her gifts or what to do with them. She began studying in 2011 to better understand and use her gifts to help others. She is certified in Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry and Spiritual House/ Environment Cleansing. Leslie is also a Reiki Master and uses this gift to help others achieve the healing they desire in their life. She has been teaching Intuitive Development for several years.

Leslie approaches each reading with compassion and uses her gifts to give insight into what is going on in your life, to share hope and encouragement and to contact loved ones on the other side who have messages of love. Let Leslie help you find understanding and direction in your life by sharing her gifts with you! Readings are $50 and average 30 minutes. 

  • Available on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 1 pm to 5 pm


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704-903-2259 or beadifulblonde@yahoo.com

Tina Marie Heckman

Professional Psychic and Spiritual Medium

Tinamarie Heckman is a Professional Psychic and Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator and Spiritual Teacher with over 25 years of experience. Tinamarie became aware of her abilities at a very young age. Tinamarie has a solid reputation for being accurate. She has a clear and detailed connection to her spirit guides who relay messages of clarity and light to her clients. Her compassion a makes her uniquely approachable as a psychic and spiritual medium, yet she is direct and honest about what she hears from her spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over. She is invested in giving you all the support you need to understand your own personal mission and purpose. Tina will help you bridge the gap between your spiritual world and your daily life. These insights are offered to empower you to continue to seek higher meaning in the every day circumstances of life and  will show you those areas that you need to focus your awareness on to create the outcomes you desire for your highest good.

  • Tinamarie will be at Salinity on September 1st
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