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Jennifer Jones

Shamanic Healer & Reiki Practioner

Jennifer Jones is a Reiki practitioner and Shaman who serves under the principles of Light and Love. Trauma that took place in any lifetime, as well as negative energy, often cause imbalances within one’s being. As a result, a client may develop certain patterns and habits or display negative behaviors and responses to life’s experiences and circumstances. A Shaman believes that all issues originate as a spiritual imbalance and consults with the positive beings of the spiritual realm to find solutions for a clients’ mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges so that the client may find balance within his/her self and positively improve his/her life. Through receiving Shamanic healing sessions, the goal is for the client to eventually heal all imbalances so that he/she can return to his/her true nature, which is unconditional Love. As a Shaman, Jennifer offers services such as soul retrieval and extraction. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, Jennifer would be glad to discuss them with you at a complimentary 30 minute consultation which may be scheduled through the online appointment scheduler. Jennifer combines both Reiki and Shamanic techniques and tailors each session to meet the needs of each client. Appointments may be scheduled through the online appointment scheduler. A one hour Reiki session is $65. A Shamanic session typically lasts one to two hours and is $60 per session.


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