Sole (Solay) – Water that has been saturated with natural Himalayan Salt.

This mixture can support a variety of health issues such as Hydration, Body Detoxifier, boost of Energy, Digestion Issues, Improving blood sugar, Weight loss and many other issues we run into on a daily basis.

So, I know what you’re thinking we have been told our whole lives that salt is bad for us and that we need to keep it out of our diet and with that being true with the table salt we buy from our grocery stores Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals that our body needs.


Directions for making sole:


  • A Glass Jar
  • A plastic or non-metal lid
  • 1-2 cups of Himalayan Salt



  1. Fill the jar about 1/4 of the way with Himalayan Salt, Real Salt or Celtic Salt (or a mixture of the three).
  2. Add filtered water to fill the jar, leaving about an inch at the top.
  3. Put on the plastic lid and shake the jar gently.
  4. Leave on the counter overnight to let the salt dissolve.
  5. The next day, if there is still some salt on the bottom of the jar, the water has absorbed its maximum amount of salt and the
  6. Sole is ready to use.
  7. If all of the salt is absorbed, add more salt and continue doing so each day until some remains. This means that the water is fully saturated with the salt.

How to Use Sole

Make the mixture as above and store at room temp. It will last indefinitely as salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. More water and salt can be added as needed to keep up the amount in the jar.

To drink, add 1 tsp to a glass of water each morning before eating or drinking anything else.


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