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The Free anti-depressant that Drs. don’t want you to know about

Does your job leave you with a headache, low attention span, tiredness or the general sense of feeling unwell? What if I told you that though your job may seem unpleasant at times it really has nothing to do with the way you are feeling! According to scientist they say its all about the ions in the air. Ions are charged particles in the air. Some are charged negatively, and others are positive charged. Positive ions are found anywhere near our electronics such as phones, computers, air conditioners and even our lights.  The longer you surround yourself around these positive charged ions the more they start to wreak havoc on our health and moods. Negative ions on the other hand are basically oxygen ions with an extra electron attached produced by water molecules. We can find these in an abundant near rivers, streams, seas, and Waterfalls. Lets take waterfalls for example, you can find anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. In comparison you can find that most air conditioning units contain zero to at most a few hundred per cubic centimeter.

Recent studies have showed that negative charged ions are natures anti-depressant. Dr Clarence hansell, an American research engineer who investigated the biological effects of ionized air in 1832 noticed that the mood of one of his colleagues changed in response to the ions being generated by their equipment. He discovered that his colleague was ebullient when the machine produced negative ions and morose when it produced positive ions. In his most recent work Hansell conducted a controlled study on seasonal affective disorder (SAD) found that negatively charged fresh air to be an effective treatment and prevention for depression. He believes that the negative charged ions affect the serotonin levels in the brain. This is a great alternative to all the synthetically prescribed anti-depressant.

A simple walk along the ocean or to the lake are simple things we can do to help reverse the unhealthy feeling that positive ions can cause. But even if you don’t live near any body of water a walk around the block or the neighborhood can be the anti-depressant medicine you’ve been looking for. Another wonderful way to get these great health benefits is through Salt Therapy (Halotherapy). Salinity’s salt room incorporates the benefits of Himalayan salt and a halogenerator. Salt crystal stones produce air that is saturated with negative ions, which are crucial for a healthy body and mind. Come on over to Salinity to experience the difference for yourself.