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Why Salt Therapy works

Is it just me or are you drawn to the salty air of the ocean breeze? I love visiting the beach as often as I can, breathing in the salty air just gives my body a beautiful refresher. For so long I never understood why I always craved it so badly or why I always felt like my best self when I go for a visit. Until I started doing research and, it turns out there is scientific evidence that salt-infused air offers a plethora of health benefits, from improved moods to asthma relief. This is the foundation underneath a growing trend known as salt room therapy or Halo Therapy — the practice of sitting in a room with walls made of salt, breathing the air for its therapeutic benefits.

The History of salt therapy started over 150 years ago, in natural salt caves and mines. this type of therapy can be raced back to the Grecian age, when Hippocrates recommended salt inhalation as an effective treatment for respiratory issues! Its Polish roots began in 1843, when Polish physician Felix Boczkowski studied the men working in salt mines at Wielickza. Boczkowski learned that these salt mine workers had fewer respiratory problems than others, tracing the phenomenon back to the inhalation of salt dust. Because of this, a halotherapy therapeutic spa was developed in Poland.

My first time experiencing the salt room was such a magical experience. The glow from the lit salt blocks on the wall filled my body with a warm peaceful feeling as I relaxed for 45 minutes  in the zero-gravity chair provided by the spa. Soon the air is purified by salt particles that is blown into the room. You can feel how clean the air is just by breathing it in. after only a few short minutes into my session I felt my chest opening up, my sinuses were clearing, and I was able to breath so much better than I could before going in. The peaceful feeling, I experienced from just walking into the room is due to these crazy things called negative ions that are immitted from the Himalayan salt that is covered on the walls. Negative ions are molecules with extra electrons. They’re odorless, tasteless, and invisible to the naked eye. These ions help counter react the positive ions that are in our electronics such as lights, cell phones, and computers. An excess of positively charged ions in your environment is believed to contribute to tiredness and a lack of energy, tension, anxiety and irritability. Positive ions in the air have even been investigated as a contributing factor for asthma and depression. Negative ions have been found to help reverse these effects leaving you with elevated moods and improved breathing. The salt that is blown into the room is so small you can’t even see it at the most you can taste it slightly on your lips. But after a few minutes you can really feel it going to work inside your lungs and sinuses helping to clear out and allergens or mucus blocking your air ways.


So next time you find yourself craving the salty air from the ocean breeze but can’t find the time to visit the beach, maybe a 45 minute session in a salt therapy spa is just what you need. While reaping all the benefits that come along with it.